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Zenergy : SL33P : 8/24-27 : Brahma Ridge Retreat, Candler NC

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COLL3CTIV3NOIS3, Evolver Network, Evolver Asheville, and UNITUS are proud to present ZENERGY “Shambhala” – S L 3 3 P @ Brahma Ridge Retreat Center

ZENERGY will focus on bass driven frequencies and fast pulsing BPM’s during the day.There will be several workshops and interactive events at the festival.
There will be interactive bodywork with many types of yoga, workshops, ecstatic dance, breath workshops, seminars about life and conscious awareness and transcendence.

SL33P will be a 3 night experience beginning each night at 11:11pm. Sl33p is an excursion into deep relaxation, mediation, spiritual connection, visualization techniques, lucid dreaming, astral travel, brainwave entrainment, deeper states of consciousness, light and sound therapy, sleep yoga, shamanic journeying, fire energy, shamanic dance wave and vision questing.

The SL33P portion of the event will encompass live performances of sonic states of the brain by incorporating melodic beats, ambient atmospheres, bio rhythmic/ bi neural sound sessions and transcendental frequencies.
There are mini tents and forest available for theme worlds. Looking for deco and themes for the mini tents .The theme tents will be based on lucid states, imagination and other worlds.
R3boot, r3st, r3lax and dr3am. Rest is important! We must learn how to truly reconnect to our sleep state.

We will offer dream herbs, naturalpathy, dream techniques ,spiritual nourishment, dream meditations, comfortable dream spaces, magic tea space (all legal herbal and natural elixirs.)

BYOBeanBag. SL33P will be a place to dream, drone and dance.
There are mini tents and forest available for theme worlds.

Theme Tents
theme tents will be based on lucid states, imagination and other worlds.

3:33 PM : Friday opening ceremony
4:00 PM : Settle-in
5:00 PM: Rainbow Kitchen opens. *Rainbow Kitchen will be open to serve endless free soup in Rosetta Starshines beautiful heirloom cauldron, named Josephine /fire ceremony

Music starts at 6:00 PM

6:00-7:00 PM : Flint Blade- frequencies(Main Tent)
7:00-8;00 PM Spread The Love with HeartSong ♥ song, heart,sonic song circle (drum circle native instrumentation)- frequencies(Main Tent)
8:00-9:00 PM : Space Medicine- frequencies(Main Tent)
9:00-10:00 PM : Medisin -frequencies(Main Tent)

*Somnmbient Orchestrators:

(10 PM Moving Temple Somnmbient Orchestrator:feat : live lucid visuals from Neb Cinema -frequencies & 3rd eye candy(Main Tent)
11:11 PM : Dep Somnmbient Orchestrator:feat : live lucid visuals from Neb Cinema
11:11 PM : Alexendra Tait Cht (seminar, Main Tent)
3rd eye candy feat:
Hedoknights ‘
12:12 AM : Matiq+ Collectiveone Somnmbient Orchestrator:(Main Tent)
1:11 AM : Mydriasis Somnmbient Orchestrator:(Main Tent)
1:11 AM : Benjamin Bernstien(seminar,Main Tent)
2:22 AM : Clippzclippedoutclippings Somnmbient Orchestrator:(Main Tent)
3:33 AM : Oneironaunt Somnmbient Orchestrator:(Main Tent)
4:44 AM : Flourophorm Somnmbient Orchestrator:(Main Tent)

9:00-10:00 AM : Yoga with Eva Chauche Sat and Sunday(Yoga Deck)
9:00-10:00 AM : Speyeral-frequencies(Main Tent)
10:00 AM : Ari Moshe seminar(Yoga Deck)
11:00-12:00 PM : Thunderbird-frequencies(Main Tent)
12:00-2:30 PM : Ilmli- frequencies(Main Tent)
12:00-2:30 PM : Randy Powell and Gregor Arturo Clary (seminar,Main Tent)
2:30-3:33 PM : Evolver Co-Founder Jonathan Talat Phillips – The Electric Jesus: Aliens, Ayahuasca & Planetary Awakening (seminar,Main Tent)
3:33-4:44 PM : Evolver panel discussion: “Tribal Revival” with Jonathan Philips, W3ndy Owens (Evolver Asheville), Aron Clericus (Evolver Atl), Frank Shields and Esiris Lyons (seminar,Main Tent)
4:44-5:55 PM : Dale Allen Hoffman- seminar(Yoga Deck)
4:44-5:55 PM :Joshuasca-frequencies(Main Tent)
5:55 PM : Metaphorm-frequencies(Main Tent)
5:55 PM : Yellowhorse Man- seminar(Yoga Deck)
7:00-8:00 PM : Beloved alchemical crystal signing bowls (Main Tent)
8:00- 9:00 PM : Horus-frequencies(Main Tent)
8:00-9:00 PM : Lisa Soledad Almaraz- seminar(Yoga Deck)

*Somnmbient Orchestrators:

9:00-10:00 PM : Aligning Minds-Somnmbient Orchestrator:(Main Tent)
9:00-10:00 PM : Esiris Lyons- seminar(Yoga Deck)
10:00 PM : Somasen- Somnmbient Orchestrator:(Main Tent)
10:00 PM : Shad -seminar(Yoga Deck)

GalaxC Girl visuals start @ 11:11 pm

11:11 PM-12:12 AM : GalaxC Girl (Main Tent)
12:12 AM : Quetzatl Somnmbient Orchestrator:(Main Tent)
1:11 AM : GalaxC Girl audio/visual set, Somnmbient Orchestrator:(Main Tent)
2:22 AM : Shad seminar, (Main Tent)
3:33 AM : Collaboration with Sounds-Somnmbient Orchestrator:(Main Tent)
3:33 AM : Aron-seminar (Main Tent)
4:44 AM : SynchroGnostiCenter- seminar,(Main Tent)

***Fire Pit***
Shaman Lydia Aloisio sat night after 11:11pm (Main Tent) freeform

9:00-10:00 AM : Yoga with Eva Chauche Sat and Sunday(Yoga Deck)
9:00-10:00 AM : Speyeral-frequencies(Main Tent)
10:00-11:11 AM : DJ STORY-frequencies(Main Tent)
10:00 -11:11 AM : Chris Thurmond -seminar,(Yoga Deck)
11:11 AM : Squaressyntax-frequencies(Main Tent)
11:11 AM : Stacie Coller -seminar,(Yoga Deck)
12:12 PM : D;RAF -frequencies(Main Tent)
12:12 PM : Eric Meyers-seminar, (Yoga Deck)
1:11-1:44 PM : Super Glitch Bros-frequencies(Main Tent)
1:11-1:33 PM : Justin Blackburn-seminar,(Yoga Deck)
1:33-2:22 PM :Jonna Rae Bartges- seminar,(Yoga Deck)
2:22-3:33 PM : AnimA Motrix-frequencies(Main Tent)
2:22-5:55 PM : Randy Powell and Gregor Arturo Clary- seminar,(Yoga Deck)
3:33 PM : Erothyme-frequencies(Main Tent)
4:44 PM : Spaghetti man- frequencies(Main Tent)
5:55 PM : Linda Go -frequencies(Main Tent)
6:00 pm :

Sunday evening: Go if you must. Stay if you wish. We are hoping that the festival will continue to evolve. We will have a projector and a sound system. We will go with the flux and flow of the universe. We are leaving the schedule open for others to share their gifts, It will be interesting to see whet correlates. This will be an open forum for dance,movement,fire talks, film. creative art , flow arts, more group instrumentation,more frequencies for musicians that may want to perform again. We are asking for people to bring something to share… Bring your instruments, stories, favorite conscious ,spiritual films,your open heart.

Campers will be allowed to stay until 11:11 AM Monday

*There are 30 rooms for rent in the cabins at Bramah Ridge. For cabin rentals contact (828) 665-4404

“Cat Walk” Cottage

“Wildberry” lodge
( sleeps 12-14)

Earthbearm House
(sleeps 10-12)

plenty of on site camping

Bring enough supplies for 3 days in the woods.
Fires will only be allowed in designated fire circles
No renegade sound systems!!!
We will supply unlimited spring water. No disposable water bottles allowed.
Bring your own water container for refill.
Ice,coffee and tea will be for sale.
*Rainbow Kitchen will be open to serve endless free soup in Rosetta Starshines beautiful heirloom cauldron, named Josephine.
Please bring veggies,dry goods and super foods for community kitchen.

Gates open Friday at 12 pm
Ages 18 and up – $77 @ gate Tier 2 tickets are available now for $67
Children under 12 are free with guardian

sponsored by:
Evolver Network and Evolver Asheville
Reality Sandwich
Earth Fare
Rosetta’s Kichen