Geniass Presents: Wick-it, GalaxC Girl & Brad BiTT 5-14-12

Genre: Electronic/Dub/House
Cover: $8adv./$10d.o.s.
Ages: 21+
Event Listing:


He’s got a reputation for doing some thoughtfully fresh and mindblowingly original remixes that take him from beyond a standard dub step or mash-up artist to a DJ/producer with skills that have turned heads and caught ears all over the Southeast.

In a live setting, he sends people off with his mix of humor, ingenious pop culture samples and beats that can’t be touched. While his roots are firmly planted in hip hop, there is no shortage of heavy electronic bass music at a Wick-it show.

Check out his mash up of Big Boi’s solo album, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty, and The Black Keys album, Brothers, called The Brothers of Chico Dusty:



Check out a video:


Mixing DJing and VJing together as an audio visual performance, GalaxC Girl has quickly become an icon to behold in the city Rolling Stone named “New Freak Capitol of the US”. GalaxC’s AV sets have been setting dancefloors on fire to sold out shows leaving everyone in states of awe and literally begging for more.
Known for her energetic live show and fanatical followers, GalaxC Girl has shared the lineup and stage with artists such as The Glitch Mob, Umphrey’s McGee, Alex Grey, The Egg, Toubab Krewe, Datsik, Benga, Skream, Quetzatl, d-Queue, Brad Bitt and many more. GalaxC Girl is a core member of Wondrous Temple of Boom crew and released on Asheville label, Waveform Modulations.

Raised on a commune, schooled on Dead tour, and receiving her higher education in the New York City rave scene, GalaxC Girl burst onto the Asheville electronic scene a few years back with her start as the most in-demand VJ in town, providing visuals for numerous high-profile artists and blowing minds at summer festivals and burns. She has now evolved into a full on audio/visual artist combining a DJ set of bass heavy bangers with stimulating and engaging video that melt together into a performance like none other.

Performing wild AV sets all over the dirty south and beyond, GalaxC Girl is on a mission to rock your face off with crunkadelic 3rd eye candy and filthy floorstomping bass infested freshness.


Check out a video:


Releasing an official remix of The Flying Skulls on 1320 Records thru Lowpro Lounge, and dropping highly acclaimed iLL dj mixes, remixes and tracks online. Brad BiTT brings out only the freshest & crunkest glitch-hop, drumstep & beyond. “Moving dancefloors like Columbians move coffee”. Droppin tracks these days down on anything – hardware, laptop, cd decks, old turntables, a theremin jacked up, reel to reel…. slicing up the beats like Leave it to Beaver!



With a profound eye for subject matter and keen viewpoint of live performance, his editing process is minimal, focusing primarily on color balance and exposure adjustment. Shaun Hollingsworth has been featured in Rolling Stone, is a staple at Bassnectar shows and produces some of the most vivid photography connected with the 21st Century flowering of the South East Electronic Music Movement.


Facebook event:


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