420 Smokers Ball April 20, 2012

BurnGang Presents to you, for your audio visual pleasure a smoked out choked out night of Bass fueled madness!!!!!! In the name of all u stoney the following acts will redden eyes and melt faces:

GalaxC Girl / Audio visual dj/vj set
Asheville NC
Wondrous temple of Boom/ Waveform Modulations

Get GalaxC Girl’s pre 420 teaser mix here!! :

GalaxC Girl – STONERS DELIGHT UP Mini Mega 420 mix


Brad Bitt / Dj set
Asheville NC
Wondrous temple of Boom/ Waveform Modulations

Smash Broz. / Dj Set
Charlotte NC
Smash Broz Productions

Jasper Land / Dj set
Charlotte NC

Koedeen w/ 2x Tha Madness / Dj set/ live hip hop
Charlotte NC
BurnGang Presents

Basspulse / dj set
charlotte nc
BurnGang Presents

Central Station – Charlotte NC
2131 Central Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28205


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